The Intellectual Global Network of Ukraine -



Ukraine Intellectual Lab Ecosystem for small & medium size enterprises:


i. Intellectual Global Network of Ukraine (“IGNU”) – in partnership with US-based IDEATION platform for managing innovation and collaboration within a confidential network, it will become a vehicle to generate revenue streams for companies in the network. To be selected into the network a company will be required to undergo an in-depth due diligence, maintain above than 75-points of rating according to the SFII National Rating System, and its core business must relate to one of the 20 scientific fields of Ukraine Sikorsky Platform.


ii. State Financial Institution for Innovation’s (“SFII”) National Rating System – is a 100 points Rating System for Ukraine’s corporations, scientists, engineers and executive level management covering areas like corporate governance, HR development, customer service and many others.  Intended to become a “GOLD” standard for Ukrainian corporations. Companies, scientists, engineers and executive level management will be rated for the benefit of future strategic partners, institutional and private investors from around the world. Semi-annual ratings will be administered by SFII and published for maximum global exposure.


iii. Intellectual Property protection & monetization – in partnership with the leading United States-based experts and the IDEATION platform, existing and newly developed intellectual property will be protected and immediately offered around the world for commercialization purposes.


iv. Internal organizational structure & operations – all SMEs in Ukraine that are seeking to be a part of IGNU will go through an in-depth review of company operations. Management of each company will be provided with recommendations for adjustments deemed necessary to work effectively with companies outside Ukraine. All reviews and recommendations will be made by  high level business professionals from the United States and other key countries.

v. Access to global capital resources – all companies within IGNU will be presented to a global investment community. Ukraine Sikorsky Platform, State Financial Institution for Innovation and BRIGGS Capital, LLC (US) will present the best opportunities for investors and strategic companies within key scientific fields to their network of established funding sources from around the world.  All companies presented to the funding sources will go through a rigorous preparation prior to direct contact with any such funding sources.

vi. Global Sales infrastructure –  Ukraine Intellectual Lab (“UIL”) is a United States-based company that will serve as a salesforce for all companies within Intellectual Global Network of Ukraine. It will offer governments, universities and corporations outside Ukraine an opportunity to outsource design engineering, research & development, IP licensing, manufacturing, specialized human resources and customized educational programs.


vii. Management, Executive and Sales Education – as a member of IGNU each company will receive a practical and highly effective business education. Courses available to the member companies will include: Taking Business to the Next Level; Leadership of the 21st Century and Sales Culture to drive revenues and profits.